Antique Gold Flagstone

Antique Gold is a tumbled quartzite that has a beautiful blend of light brown, peach, gold, orange and yellow colors. With its high compressive strength, this works well in commercial, residential and industrial applications.

This stone can be used for walkways, driveways, stairs, entries, and patios. It can also be used as a wall stone or as a stone veneer.

Flagstone is available in 1” thickness that is best installed on a concrete base with mortar, and in 2″ thickness that is good with either a concrete base or a baserock and sand, gravel, or decomposed granite base. Stone is always going to have a varying degree of square footage from pallet to pallet, even if the weights are similar. The average stone thickness, size of joints, design pattern, cuts, and waste will affect area coverage.

This stone is also available in:

  • saw cut 1″ thick pavers 6″x 6″, 6″x 12″ and 12″x 12″.
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