Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

Our Summer and Winter hours change with Daylight Savings time changes.

  • Summer hours (March 10th – November 3rd) are 7:30am – 5:00pm  Monday – Saturday and closed Sunday
  • Winter hours (Novermber 4th – March 9th) are 7:30am – 4:30pm Monday – Saturday and closed Sunday

Are you open to the general public?

Yes, we are!  We highly encourage you to come out and see all of our products in person.  Our friendly staff will walk around with you and answer any questions that you may have.

How do we get these large boulders home where we want them?

We deliver with a truck and forklift.  Our drivers will put the material right where you want it.

Can we buy decorative stone in smaller quantities?

Yes you can!  Stone is sold by the pound as well as by the ton.

How do we buy products like topsoil or mulch?

Any product in a bulk bin can be bought by the cubic yard, fractions of a cubic yard, by the bag, bucket, trash can, or any container that you bring in.  We also have bags for sale if you need them.  We will be happy to load you either with our tractors, or by hand.

Can we have multiple items delivered on the same delivery?

Yes you can, depending on how much of each item is needed and how much room is left on the truck.  We can keep material seperated and dump in seperate piles where you want them.

How much will one cubic yard cover?

Coverage will vary on how deep the material is placed, and how much compaction will occur.  On average, 1 cubic yard spread 3 inches deep will cover an area 100 square feet.

How do we figure out how many cubic yards we will need for our project?

The formula is Length x Width x Depth (all measured in feet), then divide by 27.  This will be the number of cubic yards.  Use the yardage calculator below or bring in your measurements and we will be happy to figure it out for you!

Aptos Landscape Supply (831) 688-6211