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More than one way to beat the drought! We have artificial lawn, pavers, flagstone, slate, travertine, drought tolerant sod, over 40 types of decorative gravel to choose from, "soil moist" additive to reduce water needs by 50%, geopot fabric pots, mulch & bark ground cover to help retain moisture...and much more!

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We take great pride in producing our own soil blends right here in Aptos! We use local organic products to create high quality soils for any planting needs. From all purpose Topsoil blends, to our famous Organic Veggie mix, we have the best products around to make any garden flourish! We also custom blend ingredients upon request.

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We run different specials throughout the year on various products. When we have a surplus of a given item, we will run a sale on it for a period of time.  We also periodically run coupons.  Check this page for the current deals we are offering.

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