Cascade Minerals

FEED YOUR SOIL & IT WILL FEED YOUR PLANTS-In soil that is properly mineralized, plants don’t have to work nearly as hard to survive. Rich in micronutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese, volcanic basalt helps increase root growth and boost crop yields. Basalt also contains soluble silicon that contributes to the strength of cell walls and makes crops more resistant to pests and disease. It also strengthens stems, helping plants stand tall and capture more light to maximize photosynthesis. Not surprisingly, vibrant, healthy plants grown in remineralized soil have greater Brix levels than plants that are nutrient deficient. As a measure of dissolved plant sugar and nutrients, higher Brix levels indicate balanced and healthy growing conditions. Healthier plants also produce more fragrant flowers with greater concentrations of essential oils and better-tasting, more nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Available in 10lb and 44 lb bags.