Buckaroo Worm Castings

There are worm castings, and then, there are Buckaroo Organic Worm Castings. These premium, artisan worm castings offer an excellent all-in-one soil amendment, which is OIM listed for organic gardening, and safe around children and pets. Buckaroo worm castings are carefully hand-crafted using a one-year process. We feed our worms a special balanced diet. Our primary feedstock is organic compost and humus instead of grains or other non-beneficial feed stocks. We hand-weed our worm beds rather than use heavy machinery which may contaminate our products and we regularly apply a proprietary blend of beneficial amendments to the worm beds. The result is a superior product that is readily available to plants, and helps worn-out and depleted soils come alive in an all-natural, sustainably safe way.


Available Sizes: 1 yard super-sacks.