Pond Products

Construction: In addition to liners, we carry Skimmers, Spillways, Hoses, Foam and Basins to complete your project.

Fountains: We stock Ceramic and Concrete fountains in different styles to suit your needs.

Liners: Building a back yard oasis? We stock pre-formed and flexible liners up to 13’ x 20’.

Plants and Fish care: We have a large selection of pond and marsh plants including: Lillies, Water lettuce, Horsetail, Mares tail, Willows, Milkweed and many more varieties. We also offer food for your fish and plants in the form of aquatic planting media and color enhancing fish pellets and sticks.

Pumps: We carry 50 to 5000 gallon per hour pumps to fit your pond’s water movement needs.

Water Treatment: We have a wide selection of water treatment products to keep your pond clean and running correctly including: Algaefix, Microbe lift, liquid and bale barley, mosquito dunks, testing kits etc.