The Gophinator

The Gophinator trap eliminates the problem of trap shyness in a number of ways. It employs a powerful torsional type of mechanism which draws the gopher into pivot point at the front of the trap and applies more than enough power to hold and kill even the largest adults quickly and consistently. The theory here is that if the gopher is killed on its first encounter with a gopher trap, it never gets the opportunity to learn to avoid traps.

The design of the trap further reduces trap avoidance by providing the gopher with a clear path to the trigger- if the gopher walks mostly on dirt rather than wire on its approach to the trap trigger, it will be less likely to identify the trap as a potentially dangerous foreign object in its tunnel system, and thus will be more likely to enter the trap.

Finally, the trap is constructed entirely out of high temper stainless steel wire, so unlike other gopher traps, The Gophinator will not lose power or trigger sensitivity due to rust. This allows The Gophinator to stay effective through many years of use.