Gopher Wire

20-gauge ¾” Hexagonal Wire Mesh. The mesh is double galvanized: the wire strands are electroplate galvanized and then once woven the mesh is hot-dipped galvanized. This process provides six to ten years of protection in harsh environments such as under lawns. Our wire rolls are used under anywhere you do not want your landscape disturbed by gophers: Use the one-hundred-foot-long rolls for large jobs such as under natural and artificial turf lawns, and athletic fields; multiple in-ground and raised planter beds; under gravel and dry set stone areas and paths.

We stock the following sizes:

  • 2’ x 25’
  • 3’ x 25’
  • 4’ x 25’
  • 2’ x 100’
  • 3’ x 100’
  • 4’ x 100’
  • 5’ x 100’
  • 6’ x 100’