Garden Tools

Handled Garden Tools: We carry garden tools that the big box stores don’t including tools for children! Landscape rakes, Leaf rakes, thatch rakes, pitch forks, Manure Forks, post hole diggers, Round, square and trench shovels, aluminum & plastic scoop shovels, digging bars, dirt tampers, lawn rollers, farm and hula hoes, axes, picks, pick handles, fruit pickers and much more!

Pruners, Clippers etc: Need to trim off unwanted foliage?  We have hand pruners, clippers, sheers, grape knives, sod knives, sickles, saws and machetes.  We also carry multi-purpose garden knives.

Small Digging Tools: We stock trowels, scoops, Hori-Hori knives, mattocks and cultivators.

Construction Tools: Hammers, mallets, levels, saws, marking, masonry, concrete and tile tools along with safety equipment.

Sprinkler and Drip: We carry industrial and contractor grade watering hoses, weep hoses, nozzles, wands, sprinkler and drip irrigation supplies.

Gloves: Choose from a large selection of quality gloves for any project you can dream up.

Ties, Tape & Stakes: We carry plant stakes, tree stakes, green plant tape, trellis mounting kits, bird scare tape, bird netting and more!

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