Anti Hydro

Anti-Hydro® will raise the percentage of hydration of this mix (the amount of cement that actually chemically reacts with the water) from the usual 65% to 70% range to approximately 95%. This is a significant change to the final properties of the product which yields denser, harder material which is impermeable to water and a near total vapor barrier as well. Anti-Hydro® is a high-range accelerator too. This means that the concrete mix will harden far faster than normal and that means when it’s used in winter it will harden before it freezes. And, it allows for far faster installation… more control over your work in less time. Complete waterproofing protection for concrete, masonry, stucco, precast concrete, structural concrete, swimming pools, tanks, basements, chimneys, cement pargeting, patching & underground utility works. Original formula Anti-Hydro interacts with products containing Portland cement. For concrete, mortar mix, stucco & tile grout. Will raise the percentage of hydration which yields denser, harder, waterproof material. Accelerates hardening process. Allows faster installation and more control over your work. In winter, concrete will harden before freezing.

1 gallon bottle

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