S.F Rima

Basalite pavers are ideal for projects that require the return of storm water into the underlying soil for environmental purposes, as well as where required by local regulations. These attractive and practical permeable pavers offer flexibility for hardscape designs including driveways, patios, walkways, additional parking and drainage. Rain water infiltration is important for the regeneration of valuable ground water and for the irrigation and cooling of surfaces. SF-Rima permeable pavements reduce or eliminate storm water runoff, decrease flooding and relieve sewer systems – yet provide a sturdy pavement for vehicular traffic. SF-Rima, with its unique spacer design, can be installed in two very different ways, for water drainage or for turf growth. The joint material and the foundation (paver bed, sub base, sub grade) must be permeable. SF-RIMA is made from a “no slump” concrete mix; made under extreme pressure and high-frequency vibrations. SF-Rima has a compressive strength greater than 8000 psi, a water absorption maximum of 5% and will meet or exceed ASTM C-936 and freeze thaw testing per section 8 of ASTM C-67. SF Rima Tan/Charcoal is a stock product, all other colors are available by special order; please allow sufficient lead time for product manufacturing and delivery.